California ban on frog & turtle imports

The state Fish and Game Commission voted this week to ban the import of non-native turtles and frogs as food — a staple in some Asian grocery stores — capping a 16-year battle by animal rights activists to halt the practice.

Are you wondering why the Fish and Game Commission, of all things, would agree to anything pushed by animal rights activists?

Activists have long sought the ban on grounds that many of the animals are kept in inhumane conditions and suffer painful deaths, including being pan-fried while still alive.

That argument never got very far with the state Fish and Game Commission, however. But the activists changed tactics and began challenging the import of the animals on grounds that many get released into the wild, where they pose a threat to indigenous plant and animals species.

That explains it. It was done for conservation (animal populations), not for the animals themselves.

Did you notice the irony between the first and last sentences of the article?

Californians who want to rustle up some frog’s legs or turtle soup will have to start settling for the local varieties. …

“They are killing our native pond turtle,” [Tellem] said.

Correction: they are killing your native pond turtle species. And now humans are going to kill your native pond turtle, but it’s okay because they’ll be breeding new ones into existence and making a profit off of it.

I’m not sure how much of a victory it is that certain animal trafficking was banned by the animal traffickers themselves.

By the way, domestic cat populations are a threat to native bird populations. Maybe we can use this argument against breeding?


~ by Louëlla on March 5, 2010.

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