Don’t think critically, just exploit

Meat-eater 1: “Why would I want to see a cow? Only if I get to ride it!”
Meat-eater 2: “Why would I want to see a cow? Only if I can milk it.”
Meat-eater 3: “That’s the point – a critique of the milking of cows.”
Meat-eater 2: “Why wouldn’t you want to milk a cow? Cows are screaming to be milked!”
Vegan: “That’s because we make them to overproduce milk for us.”
Meat-eater 2: “Well… that’s just those factory farms… all the hormones.”
What does this say about what people think of animals? They’re just our play-things? Why would anyone want to see a cow? To exploit her. Certainly not to think of her as an individual or consider what are her own wants and needs. Not to think about her feelings. Not to think critically about our relationship to her as human moral agents.

(The above conversation actually happened.)

Imagine if we were talking to extremely racist people from a society in which racial slavery was the norm, replacing meat-eaters in the conversation with extreme racists and cows with a member of the enslaved race. Putting a member of an extremely oppressed group on display before their oppressors makes clear the true relationship going on between them.


~ by Louëlla on December 1, 2009.

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