Animals in Academia: online resources

As Adam Weitzenfeld declared, it is time for veganism to achieve not only material, but social, capital; that is, the vegan movement must become a part of mainstream social justice discussions. One place to start is in academia. There are a growing number of wonderful books that newcomers to the academic study of animals and veganism should check out, but there are also a growing number of online resources that anyone can access – for free. They include blogs, academic articles, and video talks.

Let’s start with a little grounding. Animal studies “is a recently recognized field in which animals are studied in a variety of cross-disciplinary ways.” For an idea of how new this field is, note that in year 2000 there was hardly an Animal Law department in existence, and now there are over a hundred (I speculate the sudden growth is in no small part thanks to Gary Francione’s 1995 book Introduction to Animal Rights).

In mainstream animal studies, conservative avenues include non-advocacy based research and a narrow, single-issue approach. However, in 1996 , a critical theory-based organization was created called the Institute of Critical Zoologists, which now has offices in China, Japan, Singapore, and London. The ICZ plans to make its journal available online in May 2010.

A similar organization created in 2003 in the U.S. is the Institute for Critical Animal Studies. Its stated goals include openly stating its advocacy-based intentions. The institute is also opposed to a hypocritical, carnivorist perspective.  You can download the current issue of the ICAS journal here.

Humanimalia – articles available from “a journal of human/animal interface studies”

The Rise of Critical Animal Studies

Animal Studies and Film – interview with Matthew Brower, professor of Art History

Communicating Care: An Ecofeminist Perspective (pdf) by Marti Kheel

Green Theory & Praxis: The Journal of Ecopedagogy – includes a number of articles on intersectional pedagogy that discuss animal advocacy


There are a number of vegan blogs written by academics and from a critical, academic perspective. Here are a few:

On Human-Nonhuman Relations – “A Sociological Exploration of Speciesism”

Critical Animal – a blog “devoted mostly to a discussion of critical animal studies, with a strong emphasis on poststructuralist and decolonial philosophy combined with a strong theoretical analysis of veganism/vegetarianism.”

H.E.A.L.T.H. – “[Humans, Earth, and Animals Living Together Harmoniously] is an ecological and social justice philosophy that promotes anti-oppressive sustainable living through education and advocacy.”

Tony Morrison’s Confrontation with the Beast – an English major’s work on animal representation

Ethos – seems to be more about animal studies itself than animals

Vegan Book Club – journal of an animal studies student


This year the Lewis & Clark Law School held its 8th annual Animal Law Conference. They have filmed and made the talks available online since 2006. Check it out! Students from anywhere can attend the conference in Portland for a low price ($40 this year).

(I may add a few more resources here that I discover in the near future. Feel free to contribute.)


~ by Louëlla on November 22, 2009.

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