Vermont slaughter factory suspended

HSUS came out with a new undercover investigation video of a calf slaughter factory in Vermont.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture took decisive action today based on the information provided by The HSUS and immediately suspended operations

at the “slaughter plant.” (Is anyone else sadly amused that a titanic slaughterhouse for the exploitation of animals is referred to by the media as a “slaughter plant“? This is exactly the sort of language those in the business of animal exploitation want you to use.)

Don’t get too excited, though. The HSUS article reveals that, as usual, HSUS is in the business of promoting the consumption of animals in the form of food. According to Michael Markarian, HSUS chief operating officer, “All animals deserve humane treatment, including animals raised for food, and this type of abuse has got to stop.” With all due respect to the absent referent of women – whose slavery is just as horrific – no one would argue that “all women deserve humane treatment, including sex slaves.” There is no such thing as the “humane” treatment of a slave whose body is, by definition of “slave” or “property,” a mere object to the claimant of the property – particularly when we’re talking about titanic scales of exploitation.

Further disappointment from HSUS:

animal scientists Dr. Temple Grandin and Kurt Vogel pronounced that, “the handling practices and attention to insensibility at this plant are unacceptable and must improve.”

Dr. Temple Grandin? The person designs slaughterhouses. She overcame her regret at the slaughter of animals, as she has stated, by arguing that since she helped bring them into the world, she is completely justified in taking them out of the world according to the agenda of — well, I can’t cite her personal reasons, but for most people it would be the agenda of their taste buds, habit, and convenience. That’s a great reason. No wonder some parents try to kill their children (it happens).

Meanwhile, agribiz is too busy deflecting the weight of the crime onto its employees and congratulating its employers in a Hall of Fame Shame to actually admit that the leaders themselves are doing something wrong – oh, wait, I’m forgetting something… don’t negotiate with the people you’re unequivocally trying to shut down.

The Department fully supports the investigation of all those involved in these alleged violations of the HMSA. To this end, I have also called on our Inspector General to conduct a criminal investigation of the events in the video.


~ by Louëlla on October 31, 2009.

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