Holy cow, Agribusiness now protected from all transparency

Animal agribusiness is like a gargantuan spoiled child. Or a horde of spoiled children. With lots of dinero. And the parents who’ve spoiled them (the U.S. government) have now passed a law “protecting” the animal exploiters from self-regulation of pollution.

The rhetoric on the House floor from Simpson and others would make one think that a simple reporting requirement would force every American farmer out of business, and all the agricultural jobs would move to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Agribiz cooked this highly deceptive strategy up because they know that the results of the simple reporting will be a revelation that would force every clear-headed citizen to drive “every American farmer out of business.” The transparency of this deceptiveness is quite unpolluted from my view – from what vantage point is Congress looking? An agripolluted one, from the sound of it. That’s right. They’re not just polluting the environment – they’ve been polluting the minds of the public ever since they decided that their actions were strictly private ones to be eternally screened from the public’s eye.

This new law comes less than two weeks after the new findings that animal exploitation causes not 18% of human-sourced climate change (as previously reported), but 51%.

Happy Halloween. Spoil yourself with some vegan-approved Gummy Swirls vitamins tonight. They taste just like candy and better than your typical, non-veg*n gummy bears made with gelatin (animal bones).


~ by Louëlla on October 31, 2009.

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