Animal agribiz calls opposition “faddish” and “diseased”

I’m loving the cattle network website. Lots of revealing articles. They still haven’t quite gotten with the program. If they think that animal justice is merely a “fad,” they aren’t playing the right game. They will eventually. (That’s what happened with being gay… used to be “just a fad.” Now a U.S. evangelical group has helped Uganda draft a bill to kill more gay people.)

This article also claims that animal rights activists are all diseased, although they put it in slightly nicer terms (“anti-ag disease”).

I left the following message on their article:

Who you callin’ uneducated? Is it just my impression, or do you really think that anything written by an animal justice activist is inherently “biased” and “opinion” as opposed to the inherently unbiased and factual writings of any and all animal exploiters? And what, dare I ask, is an “animal rights extremist”? That term is thrown about by pro-slaughter folks so much that you’d think animal rights were inherently “extremist.” Don’t tell me that’s unbiased; the very term “extremist” is purely relative. Extreme compared to what? Cruelly manipulating and destroying the lives of animals for the benefit of your taste buds and your wallets are extreme from my perspective. Cruel, but sadly not unusual. So what if animal rights is extreme from your perspective? You’re only stating the obvious in an attempt to conjure up some irrational negative connotations of those who oppose you. Furthermore, do you really think yourself unbiased when you for no apparent reason (other than to conjure up good feelings of yourself) qualify your supporters as “good”?

Maybe this article should read “OPINION” at the top.

And, for the record, we’re not “anti-ag.” We’re anti animal ag – or anti exploitation of animals. Eat your veggies; one day you might wake up and realize that agribusiness is just as capable of growing plants as it is gutting pigs and causing epidemics.


~ by Louëlla on October 31, 2009.

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