Hunters revealed to be the true extremists

Of course, terrorizing animals by chasing them down to their deaths is the gravest sort of terrorism related to animals. Animal activists have been regarded as terrorists by those who approve of humans’ terrorism against animals (and I use the term “terrorist” very loosely here, since animals really have so little power beneath humans that scaring them would be a useless display of power). But now hunters have decided it’s time to “write obscenities on high street windows with a kebab and kick over shop displays” in an attempt to scare away those “pesky” animal rights activists who stand between them and their beloved slaughter of animals.

Sabotaging hunters is a grave danger to the universe. Hunters are doing something productive (ripping apart animals for fun, either directly or the fun of eating tasty animal carcasses), while those whose productivity can only be measured in compassion and kindness are worthless citizens.

There’s a fork in the road, and we have a decision to make (life is just so hard…!): will we choose the material capital of exploitation of sentient beings for entertainment, taste buds, convenience, or the social capital of love, interbeing, harmony? Remember this: entertaining our taste buds through animal exploitation may be the habit of most of the human world, but many of us have and all of us can make a habit of that social capitalism. Contrary to our Western obsession with the evolutionary concept of “survival of the fittest,” there is another evolutionary concept called “survival of those who work together instead of tearing each other down.” 🙂


~ by Louëlla on October 19, 2009.

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