On Veganism as religion

My religion is Buddhism. I don’t have any other religion. However, I would like to explore the idea of veganism as a religion. Of non-exploitation. Jainism is the religion of non-violence. Buddhism is the religion of freedom from desire and suffering which are one, therefore it is the religion of non-dualism. Exploitation creates a dualism of subject vs subject by turning one subject into object – or re-imagining one subject as object – to be exploited. Therefore, veganism and Buddhism go quite well together. However, I already have Buddhism, and it encompasses veganism well-enough for me that I do not need to add on a vegan religion. I think it’s great if others wish to consider veganism their religion, as long as they remember to take the concept of non-exploitation deeper and deeper into their soul and do not stop… because veganism cannot be something already accomplished, particularly if it is to be a religion. Religion is, after all, about growth; it is about understanding our place within something greater, a journey toward the depths. And if we were to have already arrived for ever, then the need for religion would vanish. My idea of a religion is one which encompasses many areas of life, both inner and outer. If veganism can do that, then perhaps it can’t hurt for some to elevate it to the level of religion. But I do not deny that veganism is, for me, a spiritual act, if not one I choose to write with a capital V. 🙂


~ by Louëlla on October 13, 2009.

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