On Lacto-Ovos

Here’s my approach to lacto-ovos/vegetarians. I have found that sometimes lacto-ovos have a lot of knowledge or do a lot for animals, and there are things I want to learn from them. For example, over the summer my roommate was lacto-ovo and always told me about her experiences with animals. She practically grew up in a barn and did dressage. I’m not afraid to express my disagreement and also share my knowledge with them, but I’m not about, “You need to become vegan.” I don’t judge vegans either who wish to be a little more forceful than me, but personally I’m not there right now. I want to have knowledge-exchange with people because, ultimately, I know that people have to make their own decisions in a world which privileges the decision to eat animals. If I want others to listen to me, I’ve found that it helps if I’m a role-model in the act of listening. I wrote about this before on my other blog: How would I want the world (you) to know me?


~ by Louëlla on October 12, 2009.

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