Meat industry asks for bailout “to feed the hungry”

The meat industry has offered to “feed the hungry” if the government will feed it. If the industry wanted to be kind to humans, it would start with its own workers.

I posted a thread about this over at the Global Vegan Network, and Shelly R. gave this great, detailed response:

1. Obv that means more intensive farming etc greater environmental polution, even bigger health risks (1 in 4 people per annum develop food poisoning due to unsanitary conditions in ranches/feedlots/slaughterhouses every year).

2. The western/northern hemisphere is greatly responsible for much of the starvation in the world due to things like NAFTA and “dumping” of subsidised agri-goods on world markets, meaning that subsistence farmers are priced off their land. At which point their land is bought by transnational agriculture/biofuel companies. Meanwhile the people starve.

3. When speaking in real terms, the meatpacking industry’s wages for floor workers have decreased by 50% since the 1970s.

4. The meatpacking industry uses mostly disempowered, unskilled or illegal immigrants (they run adverts on mexican radio stations and ship mexican people into meatpacking towns by the bus load). Over a quarter of workers within meatpacking endure work-related illnesses and injuries annually (which regularly include amputations of limbs, chlorine inhalation burning lungs and death). The meatpacking companies refuse to give them health insurance or adequate compensation for injuries received. Meaning when the workers show up in ER, the USA tax payer is SUBSIDISING multi-billion dollar corporations.

5. Of the legal workers within the meat industry, the meatpacking firms receive government grants for their “training” of workers. This training amounts to a set of one or two repetative movements repeated several thousand times per day.

6. It probably needs to be stated again: ffs the levels of intensive farming which would spiral, and it has been shown time and time again how food industries attempt to get people hooked on certain foods so they will be life long customers. ffs.

In short: The meat industry is one of the major causes of poverty both in the USA and globally. For them to be offering to “feed the hungry” if the government will provide subsidies is just plain wrong.

Don’t let your representatives support this $900 million stimulus plan. As Chris G. points out, the government is already heavily subsidizing the animal ag industries. They’ve been lobbying the government for the better part of a century now so they can make as much money as possible; meanwhile,  they have manipulated animals to be full of fat (=$$$), thereby decreasing any health value the consumption thereof might have to human bodies (not to mention completely destroying the health of the exploited animals). By comparison, wholesome vegetables and fruits receive very little in subsidies.


~ by Louëlla on October 3, 2009.

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